rocky mountain military trucks

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-- Aircraft Graveyard Grey Bull, WY --- 2017 Denver St Pats Day Parade--2016 Lincoln Tech Toy Drive--2016 Co Springs Veterans Day Parade- 2016 Denver Veterans Day Parade -- Frank Scholer's Gun Truck Conversion -- 4th ID Museum Reopening Ft Carson -- 2016 Commerce City Memorial Day Parade -- 2016 Front Range Airport Carshow

Large slideshow of Ray McCarthy's Deuce recovery and rebuild one of his custom built deuce based trailer. Click on picture for each slideshow.. deuce deuce

Added pictures of Ron Libutti and Frank Scholer's G506 resto click here

Added pictures of new member COL Ken Chavez's 1942 Willy's MB to the member rigs page. Click here for that picture. Also, check the "Wanted Page" for some items the Colonel needs for his Jeep. He is also looking for a WLA.