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Check out a slide show of pics Phil Curry took of an aircraft graveyard up on Gret Bull, WY. KC-97 Strato Tankers, C-130 Hercules, P-2V Neptunes and C119 flying boxcars are lined up in different states of disassembly,

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Meetings are normally held the first Friday of each month starting at 1900 (7PM) at Dino Diesel in Sedalia, CO [Click here for map) -- An email alert will be sent out prior to each meeting.

Please read a very important Article on military vehicle registration in Colorado Click here also check out chris raasch's article on shortening the m35a2 steering column click here

Frank's M109 to Vietnam guntruck conversion starts (click here for slide show) guntruck
New Pic of Dave Lorenz's M813A2 2016 Lincoln Tech Toy Drive
2016 Co Springs Veterans Day Parade Frank Scholer's Gun Truck Conversion

Lew Ladwig does a 30 minute interview with JP Magazine discussing his CJ-2A, GPW and the club's weasel. Check it out. click here

Click on the picture to the right for a slideshow of the MVCC's OH58 scout helicopter's loading for transport to the Pueblo Air Museum for restoration. Click on far right picture for a video m936a2 oh58 oh58 m936a2
Weasel Update M29 weasel

Click on picture to left for pictures of our new asset. Click here for some history on the unit and a recovery story and here for a running resto diary.

For a video of the club's Weasel running around in the snow click here

Upcoming Club Events            Click Here for Full Event Calendar

Click on the picture to right for a very cool military vehicle photo site. This site comes from our friends in the United Kingdom. Phil Curry stars in local TV station's weather watcher special: http://cbsloc.al/1Nu1dev

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